Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Complete Edition – REVIEW


The beautiful opening video presents the basic premise of Scott Pilgrim. Scott is a young man who falls in love with the mysterious Ramona Flowers. Although they are in love, there is a big obstacle in their way. In fact, they have to overcome 7 obstacles before they have peace in their relationship.

Scott combines the streets (and concert halls) of the Canadian city with elements of fantasy. All of those pop culture references that appeared in the original work were carried over into the game with great success.

Ramona’s 7 evil ex-boyfriends who are willing to do anything to stop his love. Therefore, Scott will face them to prove he wants a serious relationship with Ramona and on the way to learn more about himself and his potential.

Although the story of the comics is rich in details, with charismatic characters and exciting and funny situations, little of it was put into play in the end. Aside from showing the basic premise during the introduction, the game doesn’t explain anything further during the phases. Even for those who have read the comics or seen the great movie, the situations depicted can be confusing.

Scott pilgrim vs the world became a cult comic and film, and now even a cult video game.

The game has 4 additional modes apart from your main story. These modes are Dungeon Ball, Survival Horror, Total Battle and Boss Rush (the classic Boss Rush). It’s a good way to multiply the length of the game, and they’re almost as entertaining as the story.

In Survival Horroryou have to endure as long as possible defeating waves of zombies, in a new environment and with its own soundtrack, total struggle is a 4-vs-all fighter (besides Scott, you can play with Ramona, Kim, Stephen Stills, Knives Chau, Wallace, and two unlockable characters) and prisoner balll adapt this sport freely.

Considering that the layers are essentially straight lines, there’s a brilliant amount of creativity going into these too. Literally everything is a weapon, from a basketball to a mic stand to your own teammate. Since you can revive your partner out of health without costing them a life, there’s a popular tactic for Knives and Ramona where if either of them ever has single-digit health, the other picks it up and hurls it at enemies to kill you Revive to clear the path while doing serious damage to everyone else.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game is a beat ’em up with pixelated 2D graphics in which you progress through different stages from left to right, defeating multiple enemies and culminating in a boss fight at the end. As befits the genre, you have an arsenal of different attacks at your disposal. In addition to the fast and heavy punches, there are several abilities that can be unlocked as characters progress.

Yes, Evolution, as it adds light RPG elements to the Beat’em Up formula and adds levels and stat points to the characters. Therefore, in order to advance, it is important to strengthen yourself, either by increasing your level by killing enemies, or by buying clothes and food that will increase your status with the money earned.

This is a game that has many things to like. First of all, the art is beautiful, with an animation full of charisma and attitude, with very vivid colors, scenes full of details and Easter eggs to discover, in addition to a great fluidity in the movements. Boss fights present fans with several references to the comics, in addition to the most elaborate animations in the game. Despite being in 16-bit style, the songs have a very fun and delicious beat to listen to. Matches the game’s graphics and art style.

The game map is a nod to Super Mario Bros 3, you’ll find many more “tributes” scattered throughout the levels; Movie and TV-inspired zones, Guitar Hero-style duels or enemies performing an attack borrowed from Akira, and many details that enliven the fight.

The enormous number of enemies that appear on the screen, the variety of their attacks and a balanced level of difficulty make the game addictive, and the depth comes from purchases. The money dropped from defeated brawlers can be spent in a variety of places to boost your stats with new gear or regain health with food and drink.

Then your fight is quite fun and offers different combat mechanics. For example, the game allows you to use the various objects of the scenario as a weapon and use a fallen enemy to hit others. The various combos and special powers expand your arsenal of how to deal with these opponents, although normal punches will be your main weapon.

Sometimes you need to go back to levels you’ve already passed to “farm” a few more dollars, or go to shops and buy gear that wasn’t available when you first passed it. Above all, pay Scott’s expensive supplement at the video store.

Both the additional modes and the campaign can be enjoyed in multiplayer both online and locally for 4 friends. And while the campaign is cooperative, the additional modes let you play as a team or go head-to-head with colleagues. Completing these online options is a global scoreboard to compare your scores with other players around the world.

While this game, like its art, has strong positive points, it also has some issues that severely detract from the experience.

Its main problem is related to the difficulty and its evolution system. The first phase gives the impression that the game will be relatively easy. Although it’s challenging, you won’t have any problem completing it with the 3 lives that the game offers you. However, the second phase already demands a lot more from you, while the third can hardly be managed on the first attempt.

Develop the characters and their status is mandatory to advance. For this you need to do a lot of grinding. Yes, this game will force you to repeat missions by money and levels.

Although the game isn’t that long with only 7 stages lasting around 20 minutes, it will take hours to get the required stats before you stand a chance against the final boss. However, this is not the only problem.

A lot of care was taken to adapt Scott Pilgrim to the video game. The technical part, like the film, manages to reflect the “indie” style but with remarkable production values. The scenarios are varied and very colorful, with great animations (they may seem a bit slow at first, but you have to level up to reach their full potential) and it has a great soundtrack with a classic flavor (and 16-bit sound). .

While the gameplay struggles in both single and multiplayer, everything else is a treat. In terms of graphics, it’s a remaster of a decade-old game that’s taken on a retro aesthetic even in 2010, so don’t expect anything technically groundbreaking or eye-popping. Still, the colors are wonderful and the art oozes creativity in every department. Not many games are this fun to watch. The same goes for the soundtrack, which sticks to the simplicity of the video game cartridge era but has a rhythm so infectious it will stay in your head all day.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game is a fun but frustrating game. Although its presentation is impeccable, with animations and songs that capture the spirit of comics, its gameplay is extremely ruthless and very repetitive.

Undoubtedly, the game’s grinding marred an experience that could be incredible. Even if the game is difficult, it’s important to present a challenge that the player can overcome by improving their skills, especially in a game of this type. Nobody likes to repeat the same phase in order to achieve a minimal increase in the number of characters .

So this is a great game hiding behind several stupid problems. If you are patient you will discover a hidden gem with this game. However, it’s sad to have to use the word “patience” when describing this game so full of energy and potential, but that’s the reality.

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