Destiny 2 Sever – Rage Guide

This destiny 2 Sever – Rage walks you through the entire mission, showing you how to complete it and where to find the Calus Bobblehead and Automaton.

Sever – Rage is the fifth version of Sever we’ve gotten and I have to say we’re being spoiled this season. We still have a severe mission ahead of us, and yet we’ve already received more unique content and character development than most other seasons deliver in their entirety.

Sever – Rage in particular is fantastic because it gives us more insight into the mind of Caiatl. She actually shows up for this mission in the flesh, and that’s rare destiny 2.

The mission itself is pretty short and sweet, so it won’t take you too long to get through it. It also doesn’t have any pesky togetherness-like modifiers like Sever – Forgiveness. However, it does have the Brawler modifier. If you’re running a melee-based build like my Hunter Solar 3.0 build, you’ll find the mission incredibly easy – especially when you combine it with a well-rolled Calus Mini-Tool.

Anyway, with all that said, here’s my comprehensive destiny 2 Sever – Rage Guide.

Destiny 2 Sever – Rage Guide: Amplifier 1

Clear a route to the Leviathan’s engines

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage Guide Mission Start.
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There is only one booster for this sever mission. In fact, Sever – Rage is by far the shortest Sever mission we’ve gotten so far. Not only does the boss have no health gates, but the entire mission can be completed in under five minutes if you know what you’re doing.

When you first spawn you will be in the Leviathan’s Underbelly. Your goal here is simple – advance and kill stuff. That’s it.

You find yourself on a fairly linear path full of loyalist cabal, so follow it and kill the cabal as you go. Eventually, you’ll end up in an open space with a Colossus. Be careful here, but other than that, this should be fairly easy, even for a newbie determination Player.

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage directs Cabal allies.
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Continue down the path and you will eventually reach a hold in the ground where you can drop. Among them are Val Parthus and Bracus Lume. These guys are your new best buddies, so come down and help them take out the Cabal and Scorn on the lower decks.

I didn’t let any of the Cabal allies die in this mission, but they could be killed during Risen season, so I can’t tell if they’re invincible or not either way. While there’s no triumph in keeping them all alive like there was last season, they probably can’t be killed.

Push back the Scorn with your two Cabal buds. They’ll end up cornering right into the face of two Colossus. Kill them and any remaining stragglers and the area should be safe. Follow your map target directly behind you to place the first and only Ritual Booster.

Destiny 2 Sever – Rage Guide: Reach Caiatl

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage Guide Electrocuted hole.
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After placing the first amplifier, the door at the Cabal will open. Inside you will see another hole in the ground. However, this time the hole is electrocuted and will kill you if you try to drop it down.

Instead, enter the door on the other side of the hole. You enter a small treasury with two Hammers of Trial. These are actually the Hammers of Trial used to celebrate Ghaul’s ascension with the Red Legion.

Two fuses in the treasury.
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After a little dialogue about the hammers, turn around and look over the door you just entered through. You will see two fuses – shoot them and the hole outside will close. Go down it. At this point you will be joined by a third sidekick called Optus Ulios

Ulios, Parthus, and Lume are all waiting in that vent while you try to turn off the fans. Jump onto the platform on your right, but prepare before going through that door.

Burn the containment

Leviathan engine room.
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Today is the day we will finally kill that horrible Containment Nightmare that has been chasing us all these weeks. Cabal-Jason will meet his creator, also in very horror movie fashion, may I add.

As you go through the door it will close behind you and Cabal-Jason will jump in front of you. I won’t lie, this scared me the first time I ran through the mission. However, once you know what to do, it’s not that bad.

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage Containment Guide.
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First and foremost, ignore the console your objective marker is pointing you at. If your objective markers always told the truth, then you wouldn’t need it destiny 2 Sever – Rage Guide. Instead, turn right immediately and shoot the fuse you see above the door. Go through the door and you should almost immediately find a switch that says Unseal Immolation Hall. Flip this switch and then continue walking through the linear hall you’re in right now. You have to dodge the containment because the door you just entered through is closed (the one that opened the fuse).

combustion switch.
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As you exit this small side corridor and come back into the main engine area, you will see a ramp leading down directly in front of you. Take it and bear left as you follow it. They end up in a large garbage chute room. Bear left again in this room and you will find the Immolation Hallway at the end.

Lure the containment into the hallway, then jump up and flip the switch at the other end. The hallway will be sealed and you can watch in absolute glee as this wretched monster is burned alive.

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage Guide Immolation Hallway.
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If you know what you’re looking for, you can complete this entire process in about 30 seconds. All you do is run a circle around the area, shoot a fuse, and flip two switches. Keep calm, don’t panic, and you won’t have too much trouble with it.

Dive into your five-week win for a while, then turn around and hit the console by the door. The door to your Cabal buddies opens again and the fans stop spinning – so the three of you can happily hop hand in hand down the ventilation shaft towards Caiatl.

Destiny 2 Sever – Rage Calus Bobblehead Location

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage Calus Bobblehead location.
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After following this Sever – Rage guide to destroy the containment, do not proceed with the mission just yet. Both the Calus Bobblehead and the Calus Robot for Sever – Rage are in this area.

Head back into the garbage room that led to the incinerator hallway. If you jump off the small flooring you are on onto the rocks you can see underneath. There is the Calus bobblehead for Sever – Rage. It’s pretty easy to find.

Destiny 2 Sever – Location of the Rage Calus Automaton

Sever - Location of the Rage Calus robot.
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The Calus automaton for Sever – Rage is on the other side of the engine. You want to find the area with the switch that allowed you to open the firebrand passage in the first place. Since the back door is now permanently closed, you must enter the area the way you left it. As you walk up the ramp from the bobblehead’s location, this is the door directly across from you.

If you look at the wall next to the red pipe, you can see some crates and canisters stacked up. Jump behind them and you will discover a small secret area. The Calus robot is at the end of this area.

Catch up with Caiatl

Caiatl and Ghaul
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After killing the containment, grabbing the collectibles, and breaking the lockdown, you can rejoin the cabal in the ventilation shaft. The fans are now off, so the four of you need to follow it down towards Caiatl. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you reach a rally banner.

Gather and approach Caiatl to begin the separation ritual. The room you are in will be locked, preventing your three cabal allies from joining the fight.

The boss for it destiny 2 Sever – Rage Guide is Dominus Ghaul. If there are any New Lights here, that name might not mean all that much beyond what you’ve recently learned about them. Ghaul took over the Cabal after the Midnight Coup ousted Calus and was Caiatl’s mentor. But above all he was the leader of the Red Legion and the main enemy of the Red War – the vanilla destiny 2 Campaign back when the game was first launched.

For any vet, this fight will be a trip down memory lane and the third time we’ve killed a version of Ghaul.

The fight is pretty easy. Approach the objective marker in the center of the room to spawn Ghaul. From here, I recommend backing off and using the bubble around Caiatl and Ghaul’s Nightmare as cover.

Ghaul boss fight
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Ghaul doesn’t have damage gates or special mechanics, so feel free to hit him with whatever you’ve got.

During combat, Ghaul will roam the arena, occasionally activating his Supers. He has a Nova Bomb, a Dawn Blade, and a weird version of Chaos Reach. Stay under cover while his Supers are active and you’ll be fine.

Loyalist Cabal will spawn during the fight, but if you stick with Caiatl you shouldn’t have to worry about her too much. The only ADs to watch out for are the yellow bar psions. I would recommend bringing a scout rifle to deal with them.

Note: If you play through Sever – Rage and aim to triumph by finishing it with all Void weapons and a Void subclass, make sure you don’t pick up any of the Solar Scythes that spawn during the fight. Otherwise the challenge will fail and you will have to restart the mission.

Sever - Rage mission complete.
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So, stand back and hit Ghaul with your super and heavy weapon. If he moves around the arena and out of your line of sight, perform an AD Clear, then bait him back to the center.

The fight shouldn’t last more than a few minutes. Once it is done you will be done with this Sever – Rage guide and the mission will be complete. You can go your happy way!

We’re almost to the end of the Season of the Haunted. There is only one week of story content left, which means there is only one sever mission left. Check back here next Tuesday for a guide to walk you through this mission.

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